Bed Parallel Guidance System

What Is The Bed Parallel Guidance System?

BPGS stands for the Bed Parallel Guidance System. A proprietary machine learning system used by Black Diamond to maximize overall well production and optimize oil and gas well drilling operations.

Here's how it works:

BPGS Visual Data Draft 1 2

  • Comprehensive Well Data: Black Diamond's BPGS relies on a vast amount of well-related data, including information about drilling processes, geology, completions (the final steps in preparing a well for production), and production data. This data is collected and analyzed to gain insights into the subsurface conditions and the behavior of the reservoir.
  • Identifying the "Super Zone": The primary objective of BPGS is to identify what Black Diamond refers to as the "super zone" within the targeted zone. This super zone is the most productive area of the reservoir where oil and gas extraction can be maximized. We refer to this “super zone” as The Production Sidewalk.
  • Production Sidewalk: This is where the wellbore should ideally be placed to optimize production. The BPGS system aims to consistently land the well in this Production Sidewalk.
  • Integrated Well Data: BPGS integrates various sources of well data, including real-time downhole measurements from specialized tools, historical well data, geological information, and production data. This integration allows for a comprehensive understanding of the reservoir and the drilling process.
  • Proprietary Guidance System: Black Diamond has developed its proprietary guidance system, which uses machine learning algorithms to make real-time decisions during the drilling process. This guidance system considers the integrated well data and continuously adjusts the drilling trajectory to keep the wellbore in the Production Sidewalk.
  • Wellbore Orientation: The BPGS keeps the wellbore bed parallel within the Production Sidewalk for a significant portion of the drilling process, typically 80% to 100% placement. This precise control over the wellbore orientation ensures maximize production efficiency.
  • Results: The outcome of using BPGS? A substantial increase in individual well production. Additionally, by keeping the wellbore bed parallel in the production sidewalk, the drilling process becomes smoother, faster, and more efficient, ultimately reducing operational costs per well.

In summary, BPGS is a sophisticated system that leverages machine learning, integrated well data, and a proprietary guidance system to identify and land the wellbore in the most productive part of the reservoir, known as the Production Sidewalk. This approach optimizes well production and improves drilling efficiency.

BD Disruptive Technology

Bed Parallel Guidance System (BPGS) is implemented in two distinct phases for Sidewalk identification and execution:

  • BPGS - Phase 1: Sidewalk Analytics, Sidewalk Production Modeling & Road Map Engineering:
    • Sidewalk Analytics: This phase involves the advanced analysis of various data related to the well and reservoir. It includes data on drilling history, geological information, completions data, and production records. Utilizes machine learning to identify the Production Sidewalk.
    • Sidewalk Production Modeling: With Machine Learning we create detailed production models for the Production Sidewalk. These models predict how the well is likely to perform in this area based on 80%-100% placement in the Production Sidewalk.
    • Road Map Engineering: With knowledge of the Production Sidewalk and their production models, this phase involves the engineering of a roadmap for drilling operations. The roadmap provides the optimal trajectory for the wellbore to land in and stay within the Production Sidewalk, maximizing production potential.
  • BPGS - Phase 2: Execute 80%-100% Horizontal Production Sidewalk Placement using the Road Map and the Bed Parallel Guidance System:
    • Execution: In this phase, the actual drilling operations take place. The roadmap developed in Phase 1 guides the drilling process. The Bed Parallel Guidance System Solution Center provides 24-hour Field and Office Real Time data integration, with direct two-way communication with all field teams. Provides optimal drilling parameters and steering direction to both land in and stay in the Production Sidewalk.
    • Precision Drilling:  Road Map Engineering recommends optimal BHA designs to minimize steering and maximize rotation. Results in smoother, faster and precision drilling.
    • Maximizing Efficiency: By executing the drilling operations in accordance with the roadmap and the guidance provided by BPGS results in increased well production, and reduced operational costs.

These two phases represent a systematic approach to optimize both well production and drilling operations. Phase 1 focuses on data analysis and modeling to identify the best drilling location, while Phase 2 is all about executing the drilling process with precision to achieve the desired results.


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