• Anti-Friction Drilling System
  • Longitudinal pulses reduce friction between drill string and wellbore
  • Improves weight transfer
  • Reduces stick/slip
  • Increases ROP
  • Integrated Top/Bottom Flex Subs remove need for additional XO Subs
  • On-Demand Activation or Fixed Position


  • Reduces impact loading on the bit
  • Reduces number of trips required
  • Isolates axial vibration from drill string; reduces lateral vibration
  • Increases ROP
  • Utilizes Belleville springs which provide optimum load/deflection characteristics
  • Pressure balanced to eliminate effects of hydrostatic pressure & pump open forces


  • Black Diamond’s Hydraulic Jar Accelerator is a hydraulic spring that stores energy when tension is applied to the drilling string.
  • During the jarring stroke, the energy is released upwards to accelerate the drill collars and the upper portion of the jar, intensifying the jarring impact.
  • Recommended for use in extended reach or highly deviated wells where jar performance could suffer due to hole drag.
  • Can be utilized in shallow holes where little pipe stretch is available.
  • The sealed and lubricated spline drive provides long service life under high torque and stroking applications.
  • Standard seals rated to 250°F (120°C); High temp seals rated to 400°F (200°C) for hot hole environments.
  • External sealing surfaces are tungsten carbide-coated to enhance wear and corrosion resistance.


  • Ultimate High Overpull Jars
  • Double-Acting Hydraulic Jars (HJDA)
  • Hydraulic Mechanical Jars (HMJ)
  • Double-Acting Hydraulic Mechanical Jars (HMDA)
  • Hydraulic Fishing Jars (HJ)
  • Hydraulic Jar Accelerator (HJA)
  • Double-Acting Hydraulic Accelerator (DAHA)
  • Optimized design geometry for optimal impact and performance
  • Ultimate jar configuration gives the highest overpull capacity in the industry


  • Mud Lube and Seal Bearing Options
  • M40- Mud Lube High Torque/High Flow
    • Optimized Bit-to-Bend
  • WK5 Drive Line Patent #7,308,956
    • Single articulating CV joint for motor bend
    • Flex shaft for power section eccentricity
  • New Quarter Size M40 Power
    • Size Range 4-3/4” - 11" OD (available in ¼” increments)


NXG Multi-Activation Circulation Sub

  • Multi-Activation NXG Circulation Sub has been designed not only to overcome the most complex circulation challenges – but to do so with optimum efficiency and total reliability as part of your BHA.
  • Multi-Activation Circulation Sub bypasses the need to break the drill string as part of the process: no ‘ball’ or ‘dart’ drop devices are required.
  • An innovative internal mechanism allows flow ports in the outer body to be opened and closed from the surface by 2 methods, simply via the operation of the mud pump.
  • Upon activation, a shut-off mechanism closes the tool inner bore, allowing lost circulation material to be pumped out through the side ports, even when the hole is packed off.
  • The Circulation Sub can be activated (opened or closed) as many times as you require during an individual drilling operation.

NXG Torque Reduction Sub

  • Reduces torque and drag
  • Gives a high reduction in casing wear
  • Short tool length only 50” inches
  • The tool consists of minimal parts
  • Fail-safe sleeve retention system
  • Non-rotating sleeve manufactured from casing friendly material
  • Placement program formulated for each well
  • Average torque reduction recorded between 34% - 43%
  • High side load ability 15,000 lbs
  • US Patent Pending GB2595333

NXG Hole Cleaning Sub

  • Designed to efficiently disperse cutting beds and keeps cuttings agitated in the annulus
  • Reduces drill string torque and drag, pick-up and slack-off friction, wiper trips, and stuck pipe issues
  • Can be racked back in derrick reducing operational costs and enabling on-demand hole cleaning capability
  • Hard faced with casing friendly material to reduce casing and tool joint wear
  • Can be run in conjunction with Torque Reduction Tools
  • This product is also available in a Heavy-Weight Drill pipe format
  • US Patent

NXG Hole Cleaning Stabilizer

  • Fully patented
  • Unique blade configuration
  • Dual-purpose – stabilizes and assists with hole cleaning
  • Large TFA aids efficient debris flow
  • Anti-balling finish on all flow areas
  • Hard faced with BD HF001
  • Casing friendly and hardwearing
  • Disturbs cutting beds on the low side of the hole
  • Keeps cuttings agitated in the annulus
  • Can be supplied in Near Bit or string configurations
  • Reduces pick up and slack off friction

NXG Hole Cleaning Heavy Weight

  • HCHW can be placed in the BHA as a substitute to standard heavyweight
  • Priced to compete with standard heavyweight, giving our customer all the benefits of heavyweight and hole cleaning at no additional cost
  • Ideal solution for ERD wells where torque build-up can restrict the high rotation required to aid hole cleaning
  • Reduces the requirement for additional connections while benefitting from the hole cleaning technology, standard stand lengths are still maintained
  • HCHW can also be offered as a drill pipe version
  • US Patent 

NXG Eccentric Drilling Reamer

  • Fully patented technology
  • Improves well bore quality, clears dog legs, key seats and ledges
  • Reduces torque and drag while increasing penetration rates
  • Eliminates need for dedicated reamer runs
  • Progressive blade design eases cutting action, domed diamond impact arrestors protect casing
  • Built in cutting bed dispersal action
  • Can be used in vertical or inclined wells

NXG Drilling Reamer

  • Drilling Reamer range can be designed to clients specific needs
  • All tools provide efficient back reaming properties
  • Tool attributes include the ability to smooth out key seats and ledges
  • Incorporating proprietorial hard facing application and tool-specific PDC cutting technology

NXG Multi-Stage Drilling Reamer

  • Smooth incremental cutting action by means of two PDC cutting rows on the downhole side of each blade
  • TCI inserts placed behind the PDC inserts ensure cutting structures are fully protected 
  • One-piece body with integral pilot blades for stabilization
  • Large nozzles prevent balling and formation washout, with a large flow area allowing for unimpeded cuttings lift
  • Back reaming capability with uphole TCI protected, straight bladed cutting structure and uphole facing nozzles
  • Highly wear-resistant BD6500 hardfacing on pilot blades and gauge surfaces

NXG Tri-Tornado Hole Openers

  • Manufactured from a solid forging improving and strengthening overall tool integrity
  • Extensive & successful run history in the North Sea
  • Dual-stage design increases ROP by incrementally opening hole with sequential cutter stages and offers substantially increased weight on bit over other designs
  • Strategically placed nozzles and spiral backing fins lead to increased agitation and removal of cuttings/debris

NXG Anti-Vibration Tool

  • A short tool that reduces axial and lateral shock loads
  • Produces better borehole quality by centering the bit
  • Improves ROP
  • Protects electronics from drill string harmonics when run above MWD and LWD equipment
  • Can be used in deviated wells and with motors or rotary BHA’s
  • Decouples BHA harmonics from the drill bit when run directly above the bit


Coming Soon...

  • Enhanced Wellbore Performance


  • Dominating Drilling Power: Harness unparalleled drilling power to conquer challenging drilling environments.
  • Superior Wellbore Conditioning: Advanced technology eliminates ledges, doglegs, and tortuosity, ensuring a smoother, high-quality wellbore.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Optimize drilling parameters and reduce torque and drag for maximum efficiency.
  • Durability: Withstand the harshest drilling conditions with robust construction and state-of-the-art materials.
  • Versatility: Excel in various drilling scenarios, including extended-reach projects, whether sliding or rotating.
  • Customization: Tailor connections and dimensions according to your unique project needs.


  • Enhanced Cleaning and Reaming: Unique cambered airfoils and jets generate powerful turbulence, driving cuttings back into the fluid flow for effective borehole cleaning and reaming.
  • Borehole Stabilization: Under gauged cutting section and reduced area, circumferentially offset gauge pads engage the borehole to minimize micro doglegs and ledges.
  • Efficient in Both Modes: Operates efficiently in rotation and sliding modes, unlike conventional spiral stabilizers and bi-center reamers.
  • Reduced Wear and Tear: Features polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters on the gauge to reduce friction, torque, and drag, reducing wear on drilling equipment.
  • Mechanical Dogleg Conditioning: Capable of conditioning mechanically induced doglegs for efficient energy transfer through the drill string to the bit.

Pressure Control

Black Diamond integrates highly tested material and superior engineering to provide a vast assortment of pressure control equipment.

  • Rams - Straight Bore, VBR, Flex, Shear, Blind, Casing
  • Ball Valves
  • BOP Operating Hoses
  • Chiksans
  • Double and Single Studded Adaptors
  • Drop In Check Valves, w/ Dart & Retrieval Tool
  • Flanges - Starter, Adapter, Blind, Companion, Weldneck, Bell Nipples
  • Gate Valves
  • Manifold Systems
  • Transducer Valve
  • Plug Valves
  • Rotary Hoses
  • Safety Valves
  • Spools - Drilling, Spacer, Adaptor
  • Burst Disc Subs
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