Black Diamond and partner Magnolia R&D, provide state of the art Thru-Tubing tools for Coiled Tubing and Jointed Pipe operations. Our logging tool and software package are the most sought after memory system in the industry.


  • Requires No Experienced Personnel to Run
  • Data Recovered from the tool on location – can be delivered to the client within the hour
  • Up to Five Day Battery Life
  • Five + Days memory & storage
  • Zero Location Footprint

Onboard Sensors

  • Weight on Bit
  • Tension
  • Torque
  • Side Load
  • Pressure
  • Temperature
  • Inclination
  • Dual Axis G Force

Sensor Mapping Software

  • Visual all data from downhole sensors
  • Graphical Representation of all data
  • Configurable Sensor Configuration

3D Well Bore Visualization Software

  • Mapping of BHA Forces
  • Identify Existing Trajectories
  • Color-coded Well Path Analysis


  • Downhole Clean-out and Recovery System
  • Reduces fluid volume required to circulate sand and debris from the wellbore.
  • Solids are vacuumed and trapped in the lower cavity of the tool.
  • Enhanced solids recovery compared to competing clean-out methods.
  • Excellent for low-bottom hole pressure wells.
  • Can be used in Vertical or Horizontal wells.
  • Used during drill-outs and/or mill-outs where debris and solids recovery is critical.
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