Pressure Control

    Black Diamond integrates highly tested material and superior engineering to provide a vast assortment of pressure control equipment.

    • Rams - Straight Bore, VBR, Flex, Shear, Blind, Casing
    • Ball Valves
    • BOP Operating Hoses
    • Chiksans
    • Double and Single Studded Adaptors
    • Drop In Check Valves, w/ Dart & Retrieval Tool
    • Flanges - Starter, Adapter, Blind, Companion, Weldneck, Bell Nipples
    • Gate Valves
    • Manifold Systems
    • Transducer Valve
    • Plug Valves
    • Rotary Hoses
    • Safety Valves
    • Spools - Drilling, Spacer, Adaptor
    • Burst Disc Subs

Coming Soon

Black Diamond Oilfield

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