Detritus Defender™

detritus defender

Black Diamond’s patented In-Line Filtration Technology, Detritus Defender, eliminates the need for in-drill pipe screens and provides a more efficient and safer working environment.

Gen 1

  • Elimination of handling drill pipe screens on rig floor and fingerboard
  • Damage reduction to drill pipe connections when forgetting to run screens
  • Eliminate leakages and false make-ups due to the incorrect placement and poor screen “seating”
  • Ensure protection from debris to your asset and tools
  • Eliminate handling of drill string screen, reducing wear on safety pins, connections.
  • Eliminate incorrect placement
  • U.S. Patent No. 11,028,656

Gen 2

  • Single-screen system
  • Designed for drilling applications
  • Handles fluid pressure ≤ 7,500 PSI
  • No angles, eliminating the possibility of washing
  • Easy screen changing without having to hammer union off and on
  • No welds – all integral
  • A slimmer design allows Defender – Gen 2 to fit in tighter places than Gen 1
  • U.S. Patent Nos. 11,021,917 and 11,156,042
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